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Beach and outskirts

Not only the Rimini beach ...

The 3-star Hotel Bridge, with its beach-front location, offers guests the comfort of relaxing in the sun's warmth by spending relaxing and fun days.

In the private beach of the Hotel Bridge in Rimini you will find all the modern amenities, ideal playing areas for children such as the baby club with playground and entertainers all days of the week, cabins equipped for newborns, sports fields and facilities for beach volleyball, beach tennis, beach soccer and ping pong, sports courses and activities on the beach with entertainment and organized parties.

Moreover, the sandy and shallow seabed is perfect for children to play safely in the water, so the perfect family holidays in Rimini are spent on the beach.

Not only Rimini but an entire territory to discover from Hotel Bridge

The Hotel Bridge on Viale Regina Elena is not just an outpost for the beach but a great place to enjoy Rimini and Romagna, with all its faces: life on the beach, the historical quarter and the Romagna inland, where you can find the little historical beautiful jewels or precious landscapes. For this reason, we suggest you stay for a few days so as to not miss anything.

  • A day in the historic quarter of Rimini

    Rimini, the ancient Ariminum founded in 268 BC in Roman times, still preserves within its walls, important traces of the past; the Tiberius’ bridge started by Augustus and dating back to 14-21 AD, the corso d’Augusto with its ancient Roman pavement and piazza Cavour, the Middle Ages trading market, the Arch of Augustus (27 BC), the oldest Roman triumphal arches, and still preserved and the era of the Malatesta, with the medieval Malatesta temple that was completely renovated from the outside by Leon Battista Alberti between 1447 and 1460, and inside the church there are important works such as the bas-reliefs of Agostino di Duccio, a Piero della Francesca fresco and a crucifix on the Giotto table. The Domus del Chirurgo (Surgeon's Dome) discovered in 1989 miraculously intact, was the home of a doctor with all his work tools.

    But not only this, the Museums of Rimini, travelling exhibitions ... and the Borgo San Giuliano, which is the ancient heart of the city, so precious that it was the main inspiration for one of Rimini’s most famous citizens, Federico Fellini.

  • If you are looking for charming inland villages, it is impossible not to be captured by:

    • Santarcangelo di Romagna (15km): a village that lives with the right attention to rhythms and traditions. Home of the Sangiovese and tuff grottoes hidden under the city used by Christians to escape from persecution and today used as wine-cellars. You can also find a characteristic Button Museum, with approximately 8500 buttons exhibited that tell the history of Italy of 18th;
    • San Marino (25km): it is the third smallest state in the world, its artistic-historical features make it a great example of the medieval art perched on a panoramic point on the slopes of Mount Titano;
    • San Leo (35 km): when you come to San Leo, you are caught by the sight of the Fortress. Built in medieval times, it was extended by Federico da Montefeltro, and still looks majestic with its long crenellated wall and the two solid round towers. The famous alchemist Cagliostro was locked and died in that fortress. There are many dark legends related to this event;
    • Gradara (25km), background of the sad and romantic story of Paolo and Francesca, sung by Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy, from whose majestic rooms, you cannot miss the Torture one, and the paths of the patrol on the walls of the fortress which dominates most of the inland.
    • Valmarecchia and Valconca (40 km); where there are picturesque and beautiful places to visit such as Verucchio, Torriana and Montebello with the fascinating legend of Azzurrina, daughter of the owners who mysteriously disappeared and whose ghost appears to wander within the walls of the manor, Talamello with its "ambra di Talamello" formaggio di fossa (strong, trench-aged cheese), Saludecio with its Ottocento festival, Mondaino with its Palio del Daino and Pennabili, Montefiore Conca, Monte Colombo, Montescudo etc.
    • Motor-racing Misano World Circuit (15km); if Romagna is known for its passion for cars, it is because it is a land of great speed and drivers. Become drivers for a day with the test in Misano Adriatico, or with a Safe Driving Courses

You see? This is the right idea at an economical hotel near the sea: experience your holidays all together with the beach, amusement parks and rich inland of medieval villages.

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